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Plug&Play demonstrator for real time monitoring of machines and processes

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Plug & play system for monitoring manufacturing processes consisting of a set of sensors, a portable cabinet for receiving sensor signals with 12 analog and 24 digital inputs, which transmits wirelessly the data to a central controller with OPC UA protocol for direct connection to a server, both located on a mobile platform. It integrates a configurable application for data visualization and analysis. It has a TV screen to visualize data, and a tablet connected to the server to visualize and load data manually.


Installation in companies for real-time control of key variables of any manufacturing process. Alarm management. Obtaining performance indicators. Process Supervision


Advanced industrial technologies
Smart manufacturing and processes

Development and application of advanced technologies for monitoring and control of systems and processes in real time to improve the efficiency and flexibility of production systems. These technologies include the development and installation of devices for sensorization and monitoring to know the status and behavior of systems and processes, along with solutions for activity control through the development and use of different collaborative platforms between different agents of the value chain and its integration with industrial processes. Additionally, technologies based on the use of predictive algorithms are used to anticipate certain failures in the systems, in order to avoid unforeseen costs in the company's activity.