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Intelligent manufacturing platform

Headquarters 'Benjamin Franklin
C/ Benjamín Franklin 13. (Technology Park) 46980 Paterna. Valencia (Spain)
Tlf. 961 366 070 | Fax 961 366 185

Leonardo Da Vinci Headquarters
C/ Leonardo Da Vinci 38. (Technology Park) 46980 Paterna. Valencia (Spain)
Tlf. 961 318 559 | Fax 960 915 446




Smart manufacturing platform, whose objective is to create a demonstration and experimentation environment aimed at industrial companies and technology suppliers, in which both existing technologies framed in Industry 4.0 and technologies that are in an advanced state of development (TRL7-TRL8) can be evaluated. This Platform is installed in a scalable physical space, so that it can be adapted to the technologies shown in each period.


Training/information on the possibilities of the smart factory. The advantage of gathering in a common space technologies in different stages of development is the interactivity that is established in three bands: suppliers - manufacturers - technology centres. This allows both to show solutions to solve concrete problems, as well as to pose problems whose solution can be approached in a practical and live way.


Advanced industrial technologies
Smart manufacturing and processes

Development and application of advanced technologies for monitoring and control of systems and processes in real time to improve the efficiency and flexibility of production systems. These technologies include the development and installation of devices for sensorization and monitoring to know the status and behavior of systems and processes, along with solutions for activity control through the development and use of different collaborative platforms between different agents of the value chain and its integration with industrial processes. Additionally, technologies based on the use of predictive algorithms are used to anticipate certain failures in the systems, in order to avoid unforeseen costs in the company's activity.