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GREAT Process Modeller: Global Reengineering Environment with Automatic Transformations
Camino de Vera S/N



GREAT Process Modeller is a platform for business process modeling and requirements specification for information systems focused on supporting the production of quality software in record time, its subsequent maintenance and evolution. The agility of the system is favored by the communicative perspective of the method, which allows the analyst and the interview participants to focus on the business activities that bring new information to the organization, abstracting details that do not contribute to the further development of the computerized information system. Reducing development time is achieved by employing model transformation technologies that automate part of the system design. GREAT Process Modeller has the characteristic of being Global in the sense that it covers the entire software development process from the analysis and requirements specification phase to the final code. Being a tool that supports new software solutions as well as for the maintenance of existing systems. GREAT Process Modeller supports Reengineering projects, since several requirements may be currently implemented in an existing system and need to be readapted to meet the needs of the environment. It is therefore a platform that provides an environment for modeling and specification of requirements and agile development of software applications through Automated Transformations (automatic transformations).


GREAT Process Modeller is aimed at companies and organizations that develop business management software, as well as consulting firms that perform business process analysis or reengineering. This tool aims to streamline the modeling of business processes and the capture and specification of information systems requirements, as well as to increase the automation of system design. The functionalities of the tool can result in an improvement of the processes of software development companies, companies dedicated to business consulting, companies that develop CASE (computer-aided software engineering) and BPMS (business process management suite) tools, and cloud computing service providers.


Advanced industrial technologies
Smart manufacturing and processes

Organizational Modeling and Requirements Engineering (From Requirements to Code, Requirements Management in Organizational Modeling, Support for Information Systems Evolution, Model and Ontology Driven Interoperability of Information Systems, Ubiquitous Business Processes and Business Process Variability Management)